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I am going to explain the different types of business and also explain the various business sectors in detail.
There are 7 sectors in business. The sectors are local, national, international, global, private, public and not for profit business.
A local business is where a business is located locally around a particular area; there can be more than one business in the local area. A national business is where a business is located around the country. An example of this is ‘The British Heart Foundation.’ Tesco is an example of an international business. An international business is where the business is located internationally around the globe. An example of a global business is Mercedes Benz due to the fact that Mercedes is a well-known business all around the world and it is recognized globally. A private business is where a business is privatized. This means that a company is brought by someone. When something goes privatized it goes from caring to making profit. An example of a private business is Royal mail. A lot of our services in the U.K are public business. This mean it is funded by the government. The government is has public serviced business. An example of a public service is NHS. There are many not for profit business such as Unicef, Oxfam and Islamic aid. These are often seen as charity.
I have chosen to discuss a non for profit business. The none for profit business I have chosen is Unicef. Unicef stands for United Nations International Emergency Fund.