Essay about Btec Business: Unit 18 - M3

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Analyse how evaluating a business event informs future planning. Identify different methods of evaluation, e.g. questionnaires for delegates or a debriefing session, explaining how they contribute to identifying problems and providing solutions for future events.
What is evaluating?
Evaluation is an assessment of something or making an observation of the outcome whether good or bad. An example of evaluating is after the Year 8 disco, was the year 8 pupil’s filing out an evaluation form on how they thought the event went. There are many different ways to evaluate such as minutes of meeting, questionnaires, post-event papers and circulation list.
Minutes of meeting
Meetings normally have formal minutes attached to them or they have
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This helped us because the information we had been given back told us why they enjoyed the event and what they thought could have gone better. It was important for us to create questionnaires for the year 8 pupils, so we know how well our planning of the event went, and also to know what went wrong. It also helped us to know what to do and what not to do if planning another event. The questionnaires advantage was the way it was set out, it was set out in a way where if any of the Year 8’s had a lot of feedback from one question then there was space for them to write it down.
Post-event report
Most conferences and exhibitions usepost post-event reports contain details of what the event will be like, and what it has to offer. Because of post-event reports it is becoming very common to share post-event reports
For planning the Year 8 pupils event we did not use any post-event reports because it would not work as we invited all of the Year 8 pupils to the event. If we did use post-event reports than it would be useful to us as it would be away of informing the Year 8 pupils what the event is and what sort of stuff is on offer at the event.
Circulation lists
A circulation list is a way of giving out information to delegates who attend the past event. The event is a useful way of engaging delegates to attend more events by the holder. Because of this it is becoming more often to have e-lists, or email lists that can be used to send information to the delegates. There