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Unit 3 Introduction Marketing
P1 Introduction Task What does marketing Means?
Marketing can be defined as the process of making research of products and also providing customer’s needs. It is also the process of promoting and selling of products and services. In marketing you have to satisfy the customers at all cost. There are lots of researches on marketing such as; Fashions, trainers, cosmetics, designs, etc. Making a research of latest designs and make your product unique and to be attractive to the customers. Four Concepts of Marketing

Sales Concept: This is the act of persuading the customers to buy their product. They think that goods are not bought but they have to be sold. Their aim is that, the customers must be attracted. These companies concentrate their marketing efforts towards educating and attracting the customers.

Production Concept: This is the act of getting the customers attracted by reduction of price (making the product cheaper) in other to ship new products in. The company goods/services are cheap and they can be made available at many places, there cannot be any problem regarding sale because, all their goods and services are cheap. These companies put in all their marketing efforts in reducing the cost of production and establish their distribution system.

Customers Concept: This is the act of providing all customers wants. They are based on the customers’ needs. Providing goods and service. Satisfy customers’ needs at