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BTEC Business Studies Level 3
Assignment 1 - Two businesses on your doorstep

The Uxbridge Gazette Tuesday 8 October 2013 15.33 BST
Company 1 is MICROLOGIC COMPUTER SUPPLIES LIMITED, Dawley Road, a shop based operation, formerly two shops. Essentially retail, selling, PC, laptop / notebook, tablet & low end server computers, plus all the relevant peripherals. They also sell operating system software & limited applications software & repair faulty equipment. Three people are employed, the front for the shop & the rear a workshop. They’re role / purpose is to strategically provide a local community, outside of central Hayes, with an essential service. The next closest facility has a much smaller premise. The ownership is a a private limited company, Ltd, & they’re own publicity says that Micrologic has been offering efficient & high quality IT support services for over 15 years, whilst delivering overall reduced costs. Also, similarly, supplying and supporting small businesses. They report a high level of Customer Service ensuring that businesses come back to them time after time, with a large part of they’re sales being generated from recommendations by current satisfied customers.
They quote, “specialize in designing, supplying and installing networks of all sizes, which includes supplying servers and workstations that meet exact business requirements and specifications”. Whether they’re customers are a company that has 2 or 100+ users, they report to help in enhancing a current set-up, for efficiency savings, and to be there to assist with future IT requirements as a business grows. Micrologic offers various levels of hardware support, depending on customer requirements, and type of hardware, from office hours, to a 24x7 basis.
Micrologic ownership is publically, via two directors, Jack Gill (JAGJIT SINGH GILL) & TARLOCHAN SINGH GILL, originally a partnership & when the business moved from two doors away, to the current location, in the last 2 years, there were implications of extending liability. However, this did not limit operations, to the public. The Micrologic key stakeholders, are, individual customers (& small businesses), two employees, the directors as shareholders, the component suppliers, the owners, the local community, the local authority of Hillingdon, the peer group (NextBit IT Services, Sun Computers Solutions Limited, 3erey Ltd), all of whom have an influence on the organisation.
Micrologic method of organisation is via it’s purpose, which includes, the division of work (three people employed on the premises), lines of control(direct hierarchy from Mr Jack Gill through to the male who sits at the shop counter (Rick, family name unknown ), to the repairman and communication(with the customers, mainly by telephone & with each other, verbal due to each others proximity) it’s type of structure (both geographic & by product) & the span of control, with Jack Gill being the controlling director & TARLOCHAN SINGH GILL being the sleeping partner. The Micrologic organisational structure is with the two directors plus the two further employees & this style of organisation, which assists in it fulfilling the business purpose, with a strategy to supply products & service, for a profit, rather than being non-profit making. So, there is a minimal span of control, since the division of the work sets the agenda, with minimal lines of communication
The company functional areas are, production (using off the shelf components for building customer small enterprise IT systems), repair to component level, customer service, & sales. The Micrologic influencing factors are the stakeholders, the business environment, the business type and the ownership.
For Micrologic, to explain of how the viewpoint of different stakeholders is used to seek to influence the company aims and objectives, has to be broken down into components & involves a minimal amount of cascading. From the individual customer’s point of view, we have