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Task 1 – Contains P1

I have been asked to explain Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) operate; I will also include a diagram of how it operates to further explain what has been described.
The Internet is quite simply a worldwide group of networks. A group of computers connected to one another for the purpose to deliver information between each other is defined as a network, this data is directed through cables at a variety of speeds which depends on the transfer speed or service that you have been provided or more recently we have seen the introduction of fiber optic cables which increase speeds.
The Internet and World Wide Web are not identical; the World Wide Web actually uses the Internet to transfer and delivery data from place to place, data is kept within a web page and then that data on that web page is noticed by a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Web pages are connected to one another, so when a user is on the internet, they can look at these web pages which are normally kept on servers.
There are a number of wireless and wired devices that people use to interact with one another to form a worldwide network known as the internet. A few example of devices are laptops both wired and wireless, mobile phones and PDA’s etc, there are also a number of connections that are used to transfer data such as cable lines from your network provider (home broadband) and phone lines. Devices are becoming more and more capable of quicker internet speed and processing, if we take a iPhone for example the whole concept of 3G network means it just simply has quite extraordinary speed through this connection.
An Internet Server is a specialist computer; it is always turned on and linked to the Internet so any user worldwide can gain access to your website at any time. This high powered computer is built with high tech and quality components so that it can cope with intense and high volume of work load. Dependant on the predicted work load and the type of service, that the computer will facilitate, different configurations can be set up.
An Internet service provider or known as an ISP, supplies Internet connectivity at home or in the workplace. This tends to include a monthly fee, in some cases a pre agreed yearly fee can be paid. ISP’s bill different charges dependant on the type of Internet service offered and the tier bought. An example of ISP is Virgin, BT, Cable and Wireless.

Below is a diagram of a network;

Task 2 – Contain P2, P5, P6, M2, D1.

Below are number of examples that businesses use the internet for, I will include a examples of how they are used and which of my two businesses Waitrose and State Street Bank & Trust that the particular use relates too.
Waitrose use internet advertising on there website to advertise their assortment of groceries, there delivery services, there wine direct service and offers on certain lines, they also advertise via other websites by putting a link on other websites with an offer on a product or a service to attract customers to their website.
State Street use internet advertising not as heavily as Waitrose but State Street uses their website to advertise there services and give information and detail on the services that they provide, a lot of service and advertising i.e pitching services is done face to face by State Street then on their website.
Waitrose use the internet to communicate generally within the head office where a lot of the back ground work happens i.e emailing supplier, dealing with customer queries etc or communication between senior management at different stores, he internet is not used universally by all employees at Waitrose like for example shop assistants that work on the shop floor.
State Street uses the internet to communicate in various ways, unlike Waitrose State Street utilises the internet by having every single employee using it to communicate both with suppliers, clients etc and also