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Sample learner work

Notes for teacher/tutor:
Sample learner work follows for the assignment Job roles and Functional Areas in Business, targeting learning aim A (2A.P1, 2A.P2, 2A.M1, 2A.D1). This assignment is available at
This sample shows how one learner responded to the assignment. There are no standard or set answers. This sample reflects evidence that might be submitted by a strong learner working towards a distinction grade. It must be remembered that all learners will approach their assignments in different ways. Share this sample with your colleagues and learners to develop understanding of BTEC levels of Pass, Merit and Distinction.
It is important to note that two documents (not shown) must be used when assessing real learner work:
A learner declaration, signed by the learner to confirm the work is their own.
An assessor feedback sheet, signed and dated by the assessor with comments as to whether the learner has achieved some/all of the targeted criteria, as well as strengths and areas for improvement.

See for further details.

Assignment 1

Task 1 (L1A.1)
A functional area is a department within a business. Most businesses have a finance department who will look after the money of the business.

Tesco will have a finance department who will make sure that each shop are making a profit and will pay wages to employees. In the local leisure centre they will also have a finance department who will pay wages to employees but they will also ensure that each department is not over spending.

Tesco will also have a customer service department who deals with the concerns of customers and helps them with queries. The leisure centre will also have a customer service department who will be dealing with the every day queries customers have such as what time do they open, when is the swimming pool available.

Assessor comment
This is a basic explanation of the purpose of two functional areas in two contrasting businesses. As the student has only given limited explanations 1A.1 can be awarded.

Task 1 (L2A.P1)
Businesses organise themselves in different ways but the main method used is to group employees who do similar jobs together to form functional areas. Businesses will have a range of different functional areas including finance, production, marketing, sales and human resources.

Human Resources – the human resources department exists in Tesco to help and support the workers and to ensure that the workers remain happy. Their key role is to help with recruitment and selection and they ensure that the procedures in the company are being followed. Human resources departments exist within stores and at head office level.
Marketing – Tesco has a marketing department at their head office. The key role of the marketing department is to make customers aware of promotions and the business through creating documentation, such as advertisements, to make them aware of the offers available.
Buying – Tesco has a buying department at their head office. The main role of the functional area is to make sure that Tesco are buying their stock at reasonable prices and are selling a good quality product in their stores.
Finance – Tesco has a finance department at their head office and in their stores. On a store level they will concentrate on department budgets and ensuring employees are paid their wages. At head office level they will produce key financial documents and manage larger budgets.

Coca Cola
Human Resources – The human resources department at Coca Cola is very similar to Tesco in that they are responsible for recruitment and selection and ensuring that employees are aware of and follow procedures. The human resources department at Coca Cola also ensure that employees are trained on any equipment that they will be using.
Production – The production department at Coca Cola will be responsible for creating the products and managing the production