Art Is Neither A Truth Or A Lie

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Art is neither a truth nor a lie. Art is an illusion the artist has created. People perceive illusions as truth, but in reality, illusions are false ideas that are believed to be true. Illusions are difficult to detect due to the fact it is assumed they hold a truth. However, illusions are not lies. A lie is when there is a deliberate attempt at deception. Illusions occur when something that is believed to be true is actually false. A lie is a calculated fabrication. An illusion is intellectual deceit. In art, an illusion is when artists create visuals that cause their audience to be unable to separate reality from fiction. This can range from the audience believing they see shapes moving or as in Julian Beever's sidewalk art piece "Construction" which has the audience believe they see a construction worker falling off a platform at sidewalk level to the dirt below where other construction worker are working. The sidewalk art appears three-dimensional if viewed through a lens. It appears real just as a still life can appear real. The illusion is in the audience thinking that the subject of the art piece is real. The illusion that appears in almost every piece of art work, regardless of whether it is a doodle or a masterpiece, is that the audience sees what the artist wants them to see. What the audience views of the artwork is an edited, censored version of the original. No matter how much raw emotion may emanate from the art, it is still slightly edited and differs from what the artist originally imagined. In photography, the audience only sees the final image, one moment the photographer captured. Rarely does the audience see the images of what happened prior to the photograph being taken or after the photograph was taken. This allows the photographer to choose the moment that