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Business Policy 1:
Strategic Management
BU 481: Session 1
Prof. Karin Schnarr

Session 1: Course Administration and Overview
• Course Admin
– Course Roadmap
– Materials
– Evaluation
– How to reach me

• Course Overview
– Strategy triangle
– Diamond-E framework
– Strategic Analysis process


General Intro to BU 481
• In-depth cases that involve complexity, uncertainty, & ambiguity – BU 481 ‘glues together’ insights from all functional areas, looking at the company holistically
– Takes time to get used to this focus – there is no one, right answer
– You will have to deal with ambiguous, imperfect information
– You need to prep deeply and thoroughly (esp. for cases over 2 classes)
– Do the assigned readings: Cases closely corresponds with them
– Assignment questions are posted on MyLS; use them to guide your case preparation – Slides posted after class

• Come prepared and contribute meaningfully

Course Roadmap
Implementatio n Strategy
Setting Direction




Creating Strategy

Educational Objectives
1. Learn, understand and apply a toolkit of strategic frameworks •

Strategy Creation
Strategic Analysis
Strategic Choice
Strategic Execution

2. Develop Diagnostic Reasoning Skills
3. Improve communication skills
• Persuasive and well-reasoned way of articulating your conclusions • Ability to seek out quality information you use in your judgements Course Materials
Text: Crossan, M.M., Rouse, M.J., Fry, J.N., Killing, J.P., 2013. Strategic
Analysis and Action. (8th edition), Toronto: Pearson Prentice Hall
(Available in Bookstore)

Important: Please note that this is a newly revised edition that differs somewhat from the earlier editions
Can also buy e-book (e.g. Amazon.ca/Amazon.com)

Casebook: BU 481 Casebook (Purchase through www.iveycases.com –
Casebook has been set up)
• 2 other cases need to be purchased separately (instructions on MyLS)
– Lululemon (in class)
– eHarmony (CAM)

Articles: Available through MyLS or the Library

Evaluation Breakdown

Quizzes: 15% (3 at 5% each)
Course Analysis Memo: 20% (Group Project)
Final Exam: 45% (Individual)
Class Participation: 20% (Individual)

• 3 quizzes during the term
• Each quiz worth 5% (15% total)
• First 2 quizzes beginning of class, closed book
– 15 to 20 minutes long

• 3rd quiz take home article, due week later
– 1 page analysis of a provided article based on assigned question
– Hard copy and electronic through MyLS

Dates of Quizzes:
– Quiz 1: Beginning of Class 5 (January 21)
– Quiz 2: Beginning of Class 11 (February 11)
– Quiz 3: Hand out Class 19 (March 18), due Class 21 (March 25)

Case Analysis Memo
• Worth 20% of final grade
• Group Project (4-6 people)
– Self-selected through MyLS

• Case: eHarmony (can purchase through www.iveycases.com) • 1 page + exhibits
• Due: Friday, March 6th, 4:00pm
– Submitted electronically through MyLS and hard copy to the dropbox • Additional details will be posted in MyLS later in the term

Final Exam
• Worth 45% of final grade
• 2 ½ hours long during exam block
– Date/time/location to be determined

• Case-based (Case will be disclosed before exam) • Closed-book, only non-programmable calculator permitted
• Format as previous analysis

Class Participation
• Worth 20% of final grade
• In class, self, peer-evaluation + instructor
– Be asked once during term to evaluate peers
– Guaranteed a “2” grade for that class, can still participate • Based on contribution in class
– Quality + Quantity (mainly quality)

Same seat and name plate for EVERY CLASS!

Class Participation









(There but say nothing)



How to Reach Me

Office: P2044 (2nd Floor, Peters Building)
Phone: 519-884-0710 x4951
Email: kschnarr@wlu.ca
Office hours: By appointment anytime
– Email me and we can set up a time as soon as possible ABOUT STRATEGIC