Buad 301 Ch1 Essay

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I. Successful Business Communication - Present and Analyze
A. Behavioral Science - emphasis on the need to shape your communication to the situation of your audience
B. Rhetorical Tradition - emphasis on the connection between clear thinking and clear communication 1. Understand all relevant information
2. Define personal and organizational context
3. Make a clear, achievable goal
4. Consider needs of audience
5. Express yourself efficiently
6. Choose right communication channels
II. Managers and Communication - Shape message and decide how to deliver it effectively
A. Henri Fayol’s Definition of Management Functions (1916)
1. Planning - developing an outline of things that need to be done
2. Organizing - establishing a formal structure within which tasks are arranged and defined 3. Coordinating - relating one aspect of the organization’s work to other aspects
4. Commanding - indicating what needs to be done, including rewards and penalties
5. Controlling - establishing a system capable of measuring how well the organization is doing B. Henry Mintzberg’s Manager’s 10 Working Roles (1970)
1. Figurehead
2. Leader
3. Liason
4. Monitor
5. Disseminator
6. Spokesperson
7. Entrepreneur
8. Disturbance Handler
9. Resource Allocator
a. Effective communication flows from a vision of success that includes, and motivates, your audience
III. Elements of Communication
A. Source - who is