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History essay
Their are many theories as to why the bubonic plague was commenced, but facts are the only answers to this type of question. The bubonic plague was a very feared disease with unknown cures, treatments, transmission, etc. The very feared bubonic plague killed one-third of Europe's huge population. The death of these Europeans were caused at the burial of relatives, and loved ones. In retrospect, the bubonic plague has many beginnings, and endings. As seen in the picture in document 1 part A, the bubonic plague was thought to be spread from Mongolia. Mongolia is said to be the origin of the bubonic plague, and was spread due to trade routes that started from Mongolia, and headed towards Europe. The bubonic plague is the biggest tragedy that ever hit Europe. The bubonic plague as seen in document 2 caused family, and lovers to abandon one another for their own precautions. "This scourge had implanted so great a terror in the hearts of men and women that brothers abandoned brothers, uncles their nephews, sisters their brothers, and in many cases wives deserted their husbands". The biggest humanoid population to get hit by the bubonic plague were children. Found in document 2 once again, children had no parents to look after them, which caused infants to die in just. Few days of catching the terrible disease. As seen in the picture of document 4 the spread of the bubonic plague was due to the Black Sea. The Black Sea was the main trade route from North Africa, Asia, and Europe. In other words, the communication and interaction between these continents cause the bubonic plague to transfer from one vessel to another. In document 4, it was confirmed that the bubonic plague was confined in Europe in 1347. In other words, the bubonic plague was mainly striking Europe's population, and was the main cause of the European's death at the time. The bubonic plague affected not only its bearer, but the bubonic plague affected social, political, religious, and economic life. As seen in document 5 "A Nursery Rhyme" the bubonic plague affected