Bubonic Plague Dbq Research Paper

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The Bubonic Plague also known as the Black Death was a very deadly disease that spread across Europe in the 1300’s. It started as a small disease and then grew and spread all across Europe and turned into one of the deadliest diseases in the history of the world. The Bubonic Plague spread across Europe because people never were properly hygienic and they were never making sure they kept the sick away from the healthy, and never took proper care of the sick to make sure they didn’t spread the sickness. No matter what they did they could have never stopped the plague from spreading because they all were unhygienic and filthy. The world was never prepared for the plague that was to come at that at time and point in the history of the world.
The Black plague would spread from person to person because of
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In document 6 it said how the city of Siena lost close to 80,00 people total in the city and the suburbs and they lost 36,000 people under the age of 20, and after the plague went through Siena it had around 10,000 men left after it had 30,000 men. The plague swept through cities like Siena daily and sometimes faster. Europe was so mashed together that the plague would spread from city to city in just a matter of months. This is showed in document 7 with a map of the plague. In document 8 it stated that hundreds of people would die during the day and then hundreds of people would die during the night and would be found dead in the morning by family members and random people.
The Bubonic Plague was a very serious threat to the people of Europe in the 1300’s because of the lack of physicians, doctors, knowledge, medical advice, and medical research. If the people of Europe would have been more careful about how they took care of themselves and how they took care of the disease then it could have been slowed down and possibly stopped