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Dear Elie Wiesel, Hi my name is Ryuta Spears and I am currently a sophomore at Wayne Early Middle College High School. Your book Night has touched me in many ways, and I am really grateful for you to talk about your experiences in the holocaust that many people that has experienced this would not like to talk about. I consider you as one of the famous and most influential people in the world and I am glad that I ran into this book. I first found your book when our English class decided to read this for a class assignment. I was amazed how detailed the book was that I almost felt that I was experiencing this for myself. I feel like I felt something inside me, that why would people aloud such a thing to happen? While I was reading I would get really mad at times of how one person can influence large amount of people to turn against one another. I’ve noticed that people treated others different because of their beliefs and how they looked, but I think that just because other people believe different than you or they don’t look like other people around you doesn’t mean that you have to treat them like their garbage. I think during that time people needed to know that they were making a really big mistake.

I feel like after this terrible event like the holocaust people have finally realized that this should never happen again and will try to avoid having a thing to occur in this world once again. There are still many people in the world that treat people that are differently than them badly but I think that a day will come where people don’t know what racism is and everyone is treated equally as others. What I realized about myself while I was reading this book is that I am really lucky to be living in this period of time and how people back in the war days had it really bad and struggled a lot and by reading your book I can just imagine and feel how bad your days were in the camps that you were sent to. I think that people that read this book would feel the exact same things I felt while flipping the pages. By me reading