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The Crisis In the Untited States

The budget crisis today in the United States has risen negatively in different aspects. The three expenses the government invests on the most is on defense, healthcare, and welfare. When the budget is going towards these three things the communities and the care for the people gets over looked. Bonpane uncovers what the U.S budget is being spent on; Bonpane also revealed the real reason for the wars that we have had in the past and the wars we are having today. I believe to be true that the government has spent the United States budget mainly on weaponry, healthcare and contributed less to the communities. Bonpane interviews a man named James Lawson who is a reverand and a dear friend of Bonpane. Bonpane and Lawson's shares the same perspectives on the U.S budget. Bonpane doesn't only discuss the budget crisis going on today, but also explains to his readers what Dr. King really did and what he was trying to do for our country. When Dr. King was alive he seen that the Vietnam War wasn't a good move, let alone any war. Bonpane and Lawson both predicted if Dr. king was still alive today this society would be vastly superior to ordinary people. The middle class and the wealthy class wouldn't go in a specific order when it comes to superiority. imagine if Dr. king was alive as well as all the other peace making people; that we coincedently have no hard evedence as to how they died, they would still be here today and we wouldnt be in such poverty or debt. Bonpane sees a connection between the Vietnam war and the Iraq war. He sees that these two wars were started for all the wrong reasons, which mainly was for profit. In other words Dr. King saw an important point that the war violence system in the United states is the enemy of the people of the United states; The Iraq war and even the Vietnam war is a huge military apparatus. Bonpane and Lawson mentions the United states has a four hundred billion dollar annual budget, which it excludes military intelligence but most of the money has gone to the military. That statement in itself explains a lot about our country. The United states is called the land of opportunity but were also, the number one state of enemy of peace and justice in the whole world. Struggle, for equality, liberty, and justice has come from the struggle of we the American people. When George Bush was in office he wanted to provide work through the defense industry rather than through education, healthcare, and housing. Bush had a plan and it was to send a lot of troops to fight for years. Realistically the troops had to get paid for all the time they've fought but all the money that has been created didn't produce anything at all. Schools, facilities, communities, and the people are still dealing with great hardships. Politicians are failing to realize how bad some little city are getting. The government talks about war, the rich, healthcare, and unemployement, but a lot of the inner cities are doing really bad. They are doing bad in a sense that a lot of little businesses are getting closed down. No one seems to be talking about that on the debates. Eighty billion dollars alone was used to keep troops in Arab bases and Europe. Bonpane brings to my attention that the media seems to act as though they're not aware of the movement within the country to cancel out democracy. In a matter of time the United states will turn into an authoritarian society and a dictator ship like Iran. In the next decade religon is going to be our American flag; Our country is going to be ran by one person if we continue the route were going. The three main expenses are our defense weapons, welfare and healthcare. I said previously the defense weapons is what we spend the most on. These defense weapons is what's really tearing our country down. The weapons are so expensive. Buying weapons alone has the American people in such debt. The next expense is welfare; There are so many people