Buddha Boy Book Report

Words: 907
Pages: 4

“As I began to love myself, my relationship with everyone changed.” After meeting Jinsen, the new kid, Justin, the main character, changes into a good friend. When Justin and Jinsen hangout throughout the book, Justin begins to know that Jinsen likes art class and that he was a good drawer. Since art class, Justin has been more of a friend as the story goes on and that’s how they're friendship went along in the book. The book, Buddha Boy by Katherine Koja, is about how people mostly change and how other people are judging people by how they look. The character McManus always judges people on how they look. Some students in school think that when a person looks weird, they start to judge people, mostly about how they look. Justin changes throughout …show more content…
Jinsen helped Justin to be a better person by making him realize what a good friend does. When the story goes along Justin and Jinsen have a stronger friendship that nobody can break it. Justin has improved as a friend with Jinsen as the book continues.
Throughout the story, Justin has been becoming friends with Jinsen since they started to hang out more together. One way we see this is when Justin ask his dad to invite Jinsen for spring break. In the story, Justin wants to take Jinsen for spring break because he really wants to take Jinsen with him. “‘Dad?’ I said, before knowing I would say it. ‘Can I bring him with me? For spring break?’”(71). This evidence means that Justin is becoming friends with Jinsen because at first, he did not care for him. This evidence connects to the big idea because it shows Justin developing to become Jinsen friend throughout the story. The second example shows how Justin and Jinsen improve their friendship by working together. Mr. Snell liked Jinsen art folio so he said to join the CAC. The art teacher said to Jinsen to make a banner and He asked Justin to help him with the banner. “So when Snell came up with this project, for Jinsen to make a welcome banner for a CAC