Buddhism and Typical View Essay

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DBQ: Buddhism
In China, not everyone had the same opinion on Buddhism. There are anti-Buddhists, Confucianists, and Buddhists. These are all points of view from upper classes; the type of document that is needed is a document that has a point of view from a lower class person. Anti-Buddhists are people who are against Buddhism. They speak to their dynasty bad about Buddhism and that makes a bad impression to the dynasties. It can also create bad thoughts about Buddhism throughout the dynasty. As a member of the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Emperor of 845CE expressed the typical view that Buddhism did badly to his dynasty. This obviously shows that the Tang Emperor was an anti-Buddhist; he told his dynasty that Buddhism poisoned the customs of his nation. “Buddhism wears out the people’s strength, pilfers their wealth, causes people to abandon their lords and parents for the company of teachers, and severs man and wife with it monastic decrees.” (doc 6) this obviously shows that the Tang Emperor I trying to tell his people that the Buddhism is effecting their customs negatively and there has to be a stop to it. Confucianists are people who continue to practice Confucianism. Some Confucianists think that Buddhism is evil, while some just see that the two religions may have things in common and some things different. Also some Confuciansits think that Buddhism is a delusion, they think it’s fake. As a member of Confucianism, Han Yu of 819CE expressed the typical view of Confucianists that think Buddha is evil. This obviously shows that Han Yu thinks that Confucianism is better than Buddhism and that he is trying to change the views of others on Buddha. “Your servant is deeply ashamed and begs that this bone from Buddha be given to the proper authorities to be cast into fire and water, that this evil be rooted out, and later generations spared this delusion.”(doc 4). This shows that Han Yu thinks that Buddhism is evil and should be casted away and the future generations should never learn about it. While there are Confucianists that go against Buddhism, there are some that respect Buddhism and is calm about the religion. As member of Confucianism, Zong Mi of the early ninth century CE expressed the typical view that respected Buddhism. This obviously shows that he is a very accepting person and has respect for other religions. “Confucius, Laozi and the Buddha were perfect sages.”