Buddhism Bioethics Essay

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Teachings/Stem Cell Research
Embryonic – Life begins at conception {against/for}
“I undertake the precept to refrain from taking that which is not given” {The Five Precepts #2}

“We honour those people who donate their bodies and organs to the advancement of medical science and to saving life.” {Reverend Gyomay Masao, President and founder of the Buddhist Temple in Chicago, USA}
Embryonic stem cell contains the extraction of a cell which has been conceived (the egg and sperm have come in contact and fertilised the egg) and because Buddhism preaches that life begins at conception, the act of stem cell research is prohibited. However, stem cells from aborted foetuses is valid if consent has been obtained from the next of kin.
Embryonic – Destructs human life {against}

“I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures” {The Five Precepts #1}
Stem cell research is considered to be morally impermissible since it destructs human life through the removal of an embryo which has been conceived.
Embryonic – New being bears the Karmic identity {against}

“the human embryo has spiritual value and, therefore, must be protected.” {Lillian Forman, Author of “Stem Cell Research”}
The Karmic identity is the totality of a person’s actions and conduct during successive incarnations, regarded as casually influencing his or her destiny. (think about what Karma means) If the stem cell research is undertaken a person’s Karmic identity is taken away from