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Erika Valdez
Dr. Neve
World Religion
Happiness in buddhism
Everyone aspires for happiness, and yet few people dare to admit that they are permanent. At best, sporadic recognize fleeting moments of happiness. And in many cases, permanent happiness hear that simply does not exist.

And yet, there are ancient traditions that otherwise including Buddhism, posed the idea that all beings have an innate desire to approach happiness and avoid suffering, and if we do not get our goal is simply because
"we do not know the causes of happiness and the causes of suffering."
Buddhism emphasizes reflection on what is happiness and what is suffering, and ultimately concludes that both are "mental states."
The problems, difficulties are merely unpleasant sensations that only start from the mind, our interpretation of our delusions. Happiness, on the other hand, can only come from inner peace, inner peace without any external situation can make us happy. In a mental state of nervousness, tiredness or concerns any small disappointment it seems disproportionate and clear proof of our "bad luck". And yet, when we are calm everything is relative and are more effective in solving the problem, because we do not lose sight of our priorities. In a state of calm or peace of mind, often our actions and responses that protect and maintain peace of mind. According to Buddhism, the root of all our problems lies in the deception. For example, when we get angry, we only see the