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Victoria Egan
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12 January 2015

Buddhism Questions

1. One reason why Buddhism is popular in the modern world because of the desire for spiritual vitality in the middle of such a hard world. Buddhism gives a chance to renew, reflect, and start over on your life. Another reason why Buddhism is so popular is because it is a very open minded religion. Buddhism offers a middle ground between Christianity and something too far away from their beliefs. Another reason why Buddhism is popular is because it can be practiced in many different ways, meditation being a common practice. The last reason why Buddhism is popular in the modern world is because Jesus and Buddha are very similar in the way that they want to help and teach everyone.
2. The Dalai Lama says the use of meditation by a Christian is focused on God’s love. A Christian who meditates can meditate on God’s grace and love. This is the key in achieving the right peace of mind.
3. Another word for ‘love’ used in this article is “just another word for selfless”. Jesus and Buddha both spread teachings of selfless and set examples for their people.
4. Buddhism is not compatible with the Catholic doctrine. Christ teaches that He is “the way” and we must follow him, while Buddha teaches that everyone must find their own path and create their own destiny. While Christ taught to overcome sin, Buddha taught to avoid it completely. Christ established a church while Buddha left his teachings saying that everyone needs to make their own decisions.
5. Buddhism is agnostic. Buddhism allows people to believe in more than one god. Our God is neither confirmed or denied by a Buddhist.
6. John Paul II says that Buddhist meditation is similar to “waking up” from one’s delusions. Christian mysticism is not based off of enlightenment, but awareness of evil in the world through sense, intellect, and spirit. Christianity is built from the Revelation of the living God.
7. Nostra Aetate says that Buddhism is a way to achieve a state of perfect liberation. It also states that the Catholic Church does not reject anything true and holy. It doesn’t deny that other religions can help achieve