Essay about Buddhism vs Hinduism

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Both Buddhism and Hinduism are well known religions, and are still practiced today around the world. With Hinduism being created first, Buddhism was born within the culture of it. Some believe that they have many similarities, since Buddhism grew through a Hindu culture, however, that is not entirely true. Through the competition of these two religions, there are many differences setting them apart from each other. Buddhism and Hinduism both originated from the same place, India. However, Hinduism was not founded by any prophet, whereas Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as Buddha. He then created a set of originating scriptures and an order of monks, and based his teachings off of his life experiences. On the other hand, Hinduism evolved through the lives of the people of India and absorbed the beliefs of the tribal people and their gods. It has been preserved through Sanskrit, a written language of the Aryan invaders of India. A major difference between the two religions is the caste system. Buddha rejected the caste system, as it was hereditary and the most unequal system of any in the world. With Hindus following the caste, each group was subject to different local legal rules with the upper castes being rewarded more often and generously and being treated less barbarous. Only the upper castes could receive education and there was no intermarrying between castes. This caste system was so strict that even priest had rules. They could not eat meat, meanwhile the warriors could. The caste was a system of social stratification and a policy that favored discrimination. Hinduism and Buddhism central beliefs also vary immensely. Hindus believe in the Vedas, however Buddhists do not believe in the Vedas or any other Hindu