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Buddhism was brought to China in first century B.C.E. As Buddhism spread in China Many scholars and higher-ups believed that Buddhism is a nothing more than a problem. Many found Buddhism to be wrong since Confucius did not write about the Buddha. One scholar believed that Buddhism was right. Most Confucian scholars believed Buddha was nothing more than a false prophet. In this essay responses will be analyzed and grouped according to their views.

Documents two, three, four and five were all written by Chinese scholars. All of the scholars are either Buddhist or Confucian scholars. The only scholar that believed the Buddha and all of the sages should be treated with respect is from document five. He is the only that did not question/solicit the Buddha, but he also accepted that it is a belief of many people. One of the Confucian scholars wrote, “Buddhism is no more than a cult of the barbarian peoples spread to China.” This obviously depicts a bias in document four. It seems that in all Confucian scholars documents they do not accept the Buddhist religion and way of life. These are documents three and four. Documents three and four both oppose the beliefs of the Buddhist society. These two documents both do not believe that the Buddhist society is a good non-barbaric society. Documents two and five are written by Buddhist scholars that are able to respect and accept the religion in its entirety. These two documents are able to respect not only Buddhism, but are able to accept and respect the rest of the Great Sages. Documents four, five and six are all written after the political stability and unity was restored. Documents four and six are interesting because they both seem to be blaming the Buddhists for what happened when everything collapsed. In document five the scholar believed that all of the sages should be respected instead of put down probably in response to all of the Confucians blaming Buddhists for what had happened.

From the just of these documents, I can assume most Chinese find Buddhism annoying and pointless. Some Chinese think Buddhism mocks their culture, laws and government. In document three a Chinese scholar is asking a Buddhist questions about his confusions on Buddhism. The scholar seems to be studying…