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Buddhism World View
The fundamental question of morality is the question of what is morally right to do and what should govern our decisions. Karma, like in Hinduism, is one of the fundamental principles of the Buddhism World view. Until one becomes enlightened, ones actions will be either good or bad earning them either good or bad karma. This karma in turn determines how ones next life will be. Another guiding principle in Buddhism is the Four Noble Truths, especially the fourth, the eightfold path. The eight items in the eight fold path are often broken up into 3 categories being, right view, right conduct, and right practice. It is also important to note that the eight fold path is not a series of consecutive steps. So in a sense each path is a path in itself. So, for example, one does not have to establish one right before undertaking another right.
Another key part of Buddhism morality is the Pancha Shila which are the five moral precepts of Buddhism. These include, avoid killing or harming any living thing, avoid stealing which is taking what is not yours to take, avoid sexual irresponsibility which for monks and nuns means celibacy, avoid lying or any hurtful speech, and avoid alcohol and drugs which diminish clarity of consciousness. Now if you are a monk or a nun then you must add on a few extra conditions. These being one simple meal a day before noon, avoid frivolous entertainments, avoid self-adornment, use a simple bed and seat, and avoid the use of money. “What is right mindfulness? This is when a monk remains focused on the body in and of itself-he is fervent, aware, and mindful-putting away the greed and distress of the world.” (Anthology of World Scriptures pg.88) This quote is basically the Buddha saying what the feeling of rightful mind is for a monk and nun. We should also, according to Buddha, try and achieve certain qualities as people. These qualities being generosity, moral discipline, patience band tolerance, truthfulness, and determination. Critique
With the world view of Buddhism it is very hard for me to critique because I agree with most of the ideas. However I do not believe it should be classified as its own religion. The Buddha was just some