Case Study Assignment Part II

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When you write the paper, please don’t use a excel spreadsheet, only use analysis of the data in Microsoft word sheet. I mean explain everything in words. Thanks!

Case Study Assignment Part II

Budget Analysis II | ABC Facility

This is your second budget analysis, but more detailed to review a skilled nursing facility based on a prior year budget. As a health care administrator/manager it will be your responsibility to analyze your current year’s budget based on your prior year’s budget. You will review what changes are projected for revenue and expenses as well as provide a sound precise reason for those changes.
Healthcare organizations must set rates at levels sufficient to maintain their financial viability.
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Column I: 2011 PPD- the prior year budget figures are to be calculated into PPD numbers
b. Column J: 2012 PPD- the current year budget figures are to be calculated onto PPD numbers
c. Column K: Diff- calculate the difference between the two budget years as PPD numbers
d. Column O: Administrative Comments Compare the Two Years- you will provide your analysis of the difference in the two years, such as: i. Was there and increase or decrease in the two years ii. What would be your projections of the differences (you can do a comparison by reviewing the census, revenue and pay mix, etc.). You may feel it could be a cost increase; more services may be required due to a projected increase in patients, etc.

3. Finally, review the complete budget summary by clicking on “Summary” tab. You will be calculating the highlighted areas in blue, which are: a. Column H: 2011 PPD
b. Column I: 2012 PPD
c. Column J: PPD Diff
d. Column K: PPD % Change

When finished with the spreadsheets, write a one page analysis of your findings with the ABC facility. Include the following:
1. Provide an overview of your findings from the Administrative Comments comparing the two budget years of your expense detail.
2. What were the expenses for both years both in dollars and in PPD
3. What was the total census and how many beds did this facility have? Break your census down into payer categories which total the projected census.

4. What were the