Essay about Budget: Nutrition and Syracuse University

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Rex Zhang
Mrs. Eggleston
Economics 1
22 October,2012 Personal Finance Research
1.Occupation: physical trainer
2.goal school: Syracuse University I am going back to China when I graduate from university. My major will be Kinesiology and Nutriology. Because in China, about 80% of people don’t do any exercises, their health is getting worse and worse by the air pollution, food quality and bad life style. The frequencies they go to hospital are more than before, hence the cost of medicine is increasing, because of the the government regulatory oversight, medicine has a high profit, from 50%~1000%, in order to maximize the profit, some illegal businessmen make false medicines and cause patients’ condition get worse. The government hutty to develop the economic, so they destroy the environment to build factories lead to air quality directly decrease in recent years, PM2.5(Particulate matter, is the term for particles found in the air, including dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets,Particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter are referred to as "fine" particles and are believed to pose the greatest health risks) is average 150 in China which is very unhealth to people and in Beijing, it went up to 200, people have to wear a mask when they go out or the dust would cause them caugh. It is hard to change this situation because the government is involving the high profit too. Face to the circumstance, the only thing people can do is prevent themselves from getting sick and become health. When I type “how to be healthy” in Google, tons of the results showed up, but all the websites are telling you that eat well, be happy and do some exercise, actually exercise can make people happy and relax, so there only 2 steps that you can become health. It sounds easy, but it is hard to do because lack of people who knows about nutrition and trainer in China. And this will be a sunrise industry. What I am going to do is open a gym, but it not only provide the exercise equipment, but also provide health diet, my father owned a land on the countryside, so I think I can use it to grow vegetables. Beside that, the service I provide are specific for individuals. Syracuse University cost about 55000$per year, includs dorms, food and class fee. Without my parents’ help, loans will be a good choice for me, Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan is a low-cost option for most undergraduate students applying to a four-year school and I don’t need to pay back to the bank until 6 months I graduate from university. I can get a check from any Wells Fargo bank. The reason I want to go to Syracuse University because one of my best friend is in there and we knida have have the same goal, we might create our business together. They have pretty good Academic Programs about Nutrition Science. Upon completion of my degree, I will be qualified to apply to a supervised dietetic internship program after which I can take the national examination to become a registered dietitian. Their most recent…