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Cold War and Communism Frances Epps July 26, 2014 HIS/145 Timothy Hayburn

Introduction Nuclear attacks are due to military conflicts or a political strategy in which some form of nuclear weapon is used to inflict damage on the opponent. Terrorism is the use of violence to threat or intimidate generally for political reasoning. Both Nuclear attacks and terrorism are used to coerce the opposing party into meeting specific demands. One can only imagine what it was like doing the Nuclear War for the children as well as the adults. Training and practicing the protocol of what to do was taught as a lesson in school as if it was a common entity for the times. “Duck and Cover” was presented to the children in such a way that made the happenings of the war easier to comprehend. Still as a child I believe that the thought of an atomic bomb coming down around me had to be a scary thought. The war that severe that the lessons of the do’ and don’ts had to be covered, knowing what to do helped prepared the people for a nuclear attack.

The threat of nuclear war and terrorism has many differences but like characteristics. The threat of nuclear war usually comes with a warning and one can prepare if it does happen. Terrorism attacks are sometimes expected but come with no warning at all. Generally terrorism attacks are used to scare the opposing government by harming innocent people and often times sacrificing themselves in the process (Cline, 2014). Civilians are usually the intended targets of a terrorist attack. Terrorist attacks are commonly performed due to different religious beliefs. Terrorist believe that by inflicting a grave amount of harm on innocent people that the opposing party will be convinced to give in to their demands. Terrorist’s primary goal is to bring on a significant level of fear to gain as much attention needed to conquer goals. These attacks are done by bombs, suicide attacks, and aircraft hijacking. Nuclear war is done through military campaign enforced by the government. Nuclear war may include the following: propaganda, armed conflict, intelligence, armed conflict, and movements of troops. Nuclear war and terrorists attacks both comes with high risk that at some point innocent lives will be in harm’s way and that the actions taken is due in part of some official demands. Nuclear War and terrorist attacks are done to make a point to the opposing party. Conclusion Coping with nuclear war and terrorists attacks may never be an easy task to deal with. I can only imagine how much fear that was bestowed among the people during times of war. I can remember how afraid I used to be every time that I saw or heard Saddam Hussein al-Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden names. I knew and