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Capital Budget Proposal
Initiating a Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) affects between 2 to 3 million people each year. Heart failure is directly responsible for the death of 39,000 Americans every year, and is a contributing factor in the death of an additional 225,000 Americans (National Institutes of Health, 2004). As more people continue to live longer, the incidence of heart failure will become more common. Caring healthcare facilities have the responsibility to assist these patients to improve their quality of life, and help them to help themselves.
In addition to the altruistic aspects of helping our clients, a fiscal feature comes into play. The majority of patients at the studied hospital have
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Before opening the clinic, the nurse will attend educational seminars on how to network with other facilities. Due to the use of the same equipment throughout the hospital, cost of training for the equipment is unnecessary, provided the nurse is experienced in telemetry heart monitoring.
Each piece of equipment purchased for the CHF clinic has a capital asset that enables the facility to determine how long the equipment will last. Once the asset of the equipment is determined, the facility can determine what the amount of monthly and yearly deterioration is for the equipment (Arges, 2005). In addition, by determining the equipment asset, the facility can project a timetable when the purchase of new equipment will be needed for inclusion in budget.
• The cost of a Datascope central telemetry station and four telemetry portable packs are $29,000. The asset life is 10 years (Arges, 2005). The depreciation per year is $2,900 and per month is $241.67.
• The cost of Accutorr Plus is $2283.75. The asset life is 5 years (Arges, 2005). The depreciation per year is $456.75 and per month is $38.06.
• The cost of one hospital bed is $10,500. The bed for CHF clinic is already available and does not need purchasing. However, the asset life is still considered. The asset life is 15 years (Arges, 2005). The depreciation per year is $700 and per month is $58.33.
• Hill-Rom quote for two recliner chairs: $645 each