Buffalo Jeans Industry Report Essay

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Buffalo David Bitton
Industry Report
June 8, 2013

The Buffalo Mission
Buffalo David Bitton was first launched by David Bitton in 1973 and was officially founded in 1985, according to the company’s LinkedIn Profile. As leaders in the denim sector of the apparel and fashion industry, Buffalo has truly revolutionized the way consumers think of denim.
Buffalo’s tagline is “We are Iconic. We are fashion. We are Denim. We are Buffalo.” Buffalo prides themselves on their denim, as it is the foundation of the company. Their overall mission is to provide their fashion savvy customers with a product that is of high quality and that is also highly stylish. As the company continues to grow, Buffalo wants their name to remain synonymous with
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For customers, being fashionable often comes with a large price tag, which has recently become a luxury for many people. Moreover, costs are going up since the fashion brands need to cover their own additional expenses. Buying new, expensive clothes might be the first budget cut that one has to make in such tough times.
However, Barrie’s article does offer some advice to help fashion brands stay afloat. To achieve this, she says that brands need to be more “consumer centric, gaining greater insight into shoppers’ preferences – both in how they buy: in store, online, mobile – and what they want to buy and at what price.”

Key Personnel The Buffalo New York office is relatively small. This provides me with a great deal of opportunity and the chance to work with almost everyone in the office. There are quite a few interns and some interns deal with specific departments. For example, there is a design intern, a planning intern, a PR/marketing intern, a women’s line intern, a men’s line intern (me), and sales interns. Before I became the men’s intern, I was a sales intern. In that role, people from every department called on me to assist them with whatever task they had at hand. My internship site supervisor is Samantha Howard, who is a Sales Assistant and works at the front desk answering phones, greeting clients, and managing the