Building A New System

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Sometime building off existing systems can be more trouble than it’s worth. If the issues lye within reason; for instance, if the issues are with the database's user interfaces, those issues are relatively easy to fix. However, the programming and functionality issues deem the most troublesome. So, by building on an already troubled system can become a bigger headache and laborious process. In my experience, if the functionality is the problem, I just start off fresh with a new system.
Sade, I agree it is easier to build a new system than try to fix the existing issues especially if the issue is functionality. But based on this reading we cannot rule out functionality as the problem. Mr. Schneider indicate that he functions just fine with the existing system “I can get our report out quickly…we have never issued a pay check late”. I strongly believe efficiency is the issue in this situation. Great idea Kathleen, Involving all employees during the information gathering has its benefits later in the implementation stage. When employees are allowed to participate in the decision making process, they feel in control of new system as they feel that the management value their opinion and in turn employees resistance to change is mitigated. This seems to be significantly important in this situation as Mr. Schneider already portrays signs of resistance to change the existing system.
Based on the limited information provided the system seems to function just fine but the system efficiency is questionable. My assumption is the company is currently using a file processing system where data is organized,