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Fire Prevention 101

Assignment 4

1) Occupancy: The act, state, or condition of being or becoming a tenant or of living in or taking up quarters or space in or on something. 2) Mixed Occupancies: two or more classes of occupancy so mixed that separate regulations for each class are impractical; the building construction, fire protection, exit facilities, and other safeguards meet the requirements for the most hazardous occupancy. 3) The code generally restricts building size based on its use. When a building is a mixed use building, there are two approaches that can be used to determine allowable building are, one of which incorporates a fire resistance rated separation between the different use groups. Accordingly, under the international building code mixed occupancy buildings can be designated as either separated mixed use or non-separated mixed use. The designer or building owner chooses depending on which approach. (American Wood Council) 4) Anchor Store: Is a major retail store used to draw business to smaller retailers. Such as grocery stores. 5) Key issues in “I” Occupancies are the lack of mobility to the exits for handicap patients. 6) -Assembly doesn’t require automatic and manual alarm system. –Minimum of two exits for an assembly. – Mercantile need all types of extinguishers. – Assembly needs separate rooms for all hazardous materials. 7) A high-rise building has occupiable space 55 feet or more above