Building and later Temples Columns Essay

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The Change from wooden structure to stone was a significant one. Firstly, Stone temples lasted longer ( baring natural disasters such as earthquakes) This is because wood rots and stone doesn’t. This change also brought new changes to the techniques the Greeks used to build their temples. These techniques start with quarries. Larger blocks of stone were needed to build the Entablature. In later temples columns were made up of drums but in the earlier they were mainly one piece of stone. The last temple to have monolithic columns is the temple of Aphia on the island of aigina. Once the stone was quarried, it had to be transported to where it was needed, this was usually done by sea, if not it would be by wagon. To avoid damage, block would usually be cut into roughly the correct sizes for their purpose, the final work was carried out at the site of construction. Evidence fr this is in the layers of stone chippings (the debris of the carving) that are found around the temples. When Drums were quarried they were usually cut into the drum shape. During construction the stones were more carefully worked but the structure they were put into (post and lintel) meant that the surfaces that came directly into contact with other blocks were completely finished: which means they were smoothed down, but left a rectangle block in the middle so the stones could ‘stick’ together . Surfaces were prepared by a chisel,, at first only a flat-bladed chisel was used, but this leaves a series of…