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Nutrition Log Reflection

The Nutrition Log I have kept for the past week is very interesting. I found out a lot of things I never really paid attention to before in my diet. My intake for the past seven days has not been as healthy as it needs to be. There are a few strengths in my diet as well as weaknesses based on the MyPyramid serving sizes. Some things I am doing with my diet are awesome and I need to continue doing them well. But there are also parts that I could cut out. The Nutrition Log over the past week has made me realize everything I eat and how I need to pay more attention to my diet. In the past seven days I realized that my eating habits are pretty weird. I have no scheduled eating times and usually eat at random times almost every day. It is healthier if you eat at about the same times every day, but I am not doing that. Eating at the same time is something that would really help my diet.

Based on the MyPyramid serving sizes I am not eating enough in certain areas. The recommended 6 and ½ servings of grain is an area of weakness in my diet. Another weak area is fruits and vegetables. Keeping track of my diet the past week made me want to go get fruit from Wal-Mart and I now have watermelon in my fridge. Another area of weakness is the oils section. I hardly eat any oils and need to think about purchasing a supplement. With two gallons of milk in the fridge I usually do fairly well in drinking milk. Strength in my diet is the meat section. I eat a lot of chicken, ham, and