Building Relationships Essay

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Building relationships
Jayson Music
Rasmussen College

There are many different ways to build many different kinds of relationships. When you are building a relationship for the purpose of obtaining customers for your business, it is important to remember to be yourself. Your ultimate goal should be to create a long-term relationship with the person because this is how loyal customer is made and a loyal customer is a return customer. I believe the three most important techniques for building a long-term loyal customer are building rapport, working the person’s family, home life, and hobbies into the general conversation, and always keep eye contact and never forget to begin and end with a firm hand shake. Rapport is the ability to relate to others in a way that creates trust and understanding. It is important to build rapport with your customers, as it gets there unconscious mind to accept your suggestions. Once you have a since of rapport with the customer you will be the first person they come to or send someone to for your particular service. Word of mouth to friends and family from your customers is the best form of advertising.
Another technique that is often used is learn of the customers family, home life, and hobbies and use them to make the customer comfortable and feel welcome. By talking with the customer about themselves and things that appeal to them, a trust between you to will start to build. People in general love to talk about themselves, so learn all you can for the next time they visit your…