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Building a relationship with Marie March 29, 2013

ADC 252 Advanced Individual Counseling

Marie is a 39 year old African-American female who has been diagnosed with crack cocaine and alcohol dependence. This essay will focus on our first session and how I would build a positive relationship and rapport with her. Hello Marie my name is Ms. Janice it’s a pleasure to meet you. I would like to explain to you some rules before we get started. We will be meeting once a week for the next 6 months. Our sessions will run for approximately 45 minutes, but for this session it will take about 1 hour. If for some reason you can’t make it to our sessions, please call and give a 24 hour notice and reschedule your appointment. If you miss 2 sessions without notice you will be dismissed from this program. Do you have any questions so far? Yes Ms. Janice, does your program provide child care services to your client’s? That was a good questions Marie yes we do, I will contact the person in charge of that service as soon as we are finished, so you can set that service up for your daughter. Do you have any more questions? No Ms. Janice, I’m just a little nervous. I can understand you being a little nervous can I do anything to make you more comfortable? (Shame-Reducing Technique) You made the first step to get the help you need so that makes me proud of you. (Rapport Building Skills) Now, what brings you into my office today? (Open-Ended Question) I just recently got out of the hospital. I went into respiratory distress due to me going on a 3 day binge of crack and beer. I realized when I was laying in my hospital bed that I needed help so I asked the nurse was there some place that could help me. She gave me your programs name and phone number and here I am. Now you said you went on a 3 day binge where was your daughter at? (Paraphrasing) She was with my cousin Cassie. I love my daughter Ms. Janice and I don’t want to lose her. How many days in a week would you say that you smoke crack and drink alcohol? (Open-Ended Question) I usually use about 3 or 4 times in one week. I feel that my problem is mostly the crack smoking not really so much the drinking. You stated that you went on a 3 day binge on not only crack but alcohol also, are you sure that you don’t have an issue with alcohol to? (Confronting Denial and Defense Mechanism) Well Ms. Janice since you put it in that way, maybe I do have an alcohol problem also. I’m ashamed of how I’ve let my addiction get so out of control. When you said that you had tears in your eyes, I’m here to help you get your life back on track. At least you made the steps to get the help some don’t, you will be fine. (Shame Reduction) Now, let’s talk about your family and the type of support system that you have at your disposal. Tell me a little about your family? (Open-Ended Question) Well I have 2 brother’s and 1 sister. My oldest brother and I have a very close relationship but lately it has been strained due to me using drugs. My sister and I have a strange relationship, I don’t think she understands me, but if I need her she drops everything and is there. When that crisis is over she disappears until the next one comes up, it just strange to me. My youngest brother and I were close growing up but grew apart when got older. He is hard to keep up with he moves from place to place. I have a nephew I’ve never met. It sounds to me that you love your brother’s and sister, do you think that you using drugs are the problem or could it be something else? I think they don’t want to see me this way, so they put distance between us. Well, you’ve talked about your brother’s and sister, I would like to hear a little about your parent’s. What kind of relationship do you have with your mother and father? (Open-Ended) I had a very distant relationship with my father until recently. We have a