Builing block of culture Essay

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In life we are all faced with different people whether its styles of living of the language we speak. There are several kinds of culture that I face in my daily life. Some of the culture I al with is with my own and some culture are totally different from my own culture, in which I believed. Therefore, in my daily life, I ‘m always faced with different building blocks of culture. We sometimes see cultures as the different symbols one show, the language, the values, and norms that is not what culture is mainly consisted of. It is seen as the concept of self, the personal versus societal responsibility, the concept of time, and locus of control this is what we look at when we say the building block of culture.
When it comes to the concept of self it is nothing but a collection of beliefs about oneself that includes such as academic performance, gender roles and sexuality, and racial identity. When you are dealing with the concept of self in the culture building blocks it is based on the question, “Who am I.” When a person have the first time look at the self-concept it is very general and changeable. So as we grow older, these self-perceptions become more organized, detailed, and specific. I saw people who show their beliefs in their life and attitudes. These particular people do not like to cooperate or share any think of another on the basis of their guidance. Some of the people in my community like the older people believed in individualism and somewhere showing their beliefs in collectivist. This concept was mainly about the selves on the basis of past, present, and future.
When we refer to time we think of something that is the most value thing in life. As people we take our time serious because the time we spent doing this we could of being doing something important. We feel that every piece of time should be value rather we want to or not. The concept of time is self-evident. I think that we all look at time like an hour is only sixty minutes, and a day of hours is too long to waste. I observed that the concepts of time directly imposed the influences over the daily agenda, lifestyles, speed of the communication delivery process, along with the capacity and capability for listening and waiting willingness. I see concept of time everyday where you standing in the mall talking to someone or just talking to someone over the phone. If they are on a time frame they will drop everything that they are doing to get to where they are going in that time frame. So as we see the world we live in it’s all about the time. Locus of control refers to the event to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them. Locus is a Latin word that means location. You have to look at locus of control as internal and external. Internal is the person that believes they can control their life. While external people believe that their decisions and life are controlled by environmental factors which they cannot influence. I see this stage of internal all the time when I’m at the doctor’s office. I see a young girl round the age of sixteen of seventeen pregnant and think that this stage is cute or I got everything under control without my parents because I got myself in this situation it want be hard to get out of it. When the truth is this is not what they want to sign up for because the way the economy is going a baby isn’t something that she want. I also saw that locus of control also makes the direct impact over the culture because it is related to the psychology of the people. It is also an important term in the building of the culture because it is related to the social-learning theory of attitude and personality of a human being. Locus of Control mainly refers to an…