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We live in a society that is continuously searching for new things to make our day to day lives easier than what we used to be. With the development of technology communications as a whole has been growing rapidly. In the olden days people relied on letters as the most reliable communication medium but it took a long time to get feedback from the recipients. When telephone was invented and when it got spread all over the world people did not have many issues with talking to people who were miles apart.

What is communication?
If we take communication as a whole it consists of the Sender (the person who sends the message), the Receiver (the person who receives the message), the Message (information to be transmitted) and the Feedback (the response from the recipient confirming that the message was received and understood properly). So if all these things are not in order the communication process would not be successful.

Business Perspective
When we look at communication in the business perspective business organizations highly depend on communication. If they do not communicate with their stakeholders they would not be able to survive in their business. Oral, written and visual mediums of communication are widely used in businesses for a longer period of time.
Businesses use face-to-face, meetings, Annual General Meetings and appraisals as means of oral communication methods. Written methods include letters, memos, agendas, minutes and newsletters. Visual means of communication are billboards, leaflets, posters etc…

New trends
As the communication technologies are growing rapidly businesses have also adopted the new ways for communicating with their stakeholders both internal and external. Business websites, emails, social networking sites, wikis and blogs play a major role in businesses.
These techniques are getting popular and are being used currently for communication purposes. If we take a business website,…