Persuasive Letter About Bullying

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1122 Maple Lane
Seattle, WA 98105
April 29, 2013

U.S. Department of Education Press Office 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, 7E-247
Washington, DC 20202
Dear, Arne Duncan:
I’m having a problem at school that I keep getting bullied by a kid because he’s older than me and thinks he can hurt me, embarrass me, and threaten me during school hours and sometimes after school. When he hurts me I go home all bruised up everywhere and when he hurts me he threatens me by saying “if you tell anybody I am the one hurting you I’ll break your leg.”
I think the best solution for him to stop bullying me is by expelling him from school because then he won’t see more around again in any other place. Another solution can be putting more cameras around the school so it will be able to see everything that he does and says to me.
My solutions are best because it could stop him to stop bullying me. It would work because he wont know what to do with all those cameras around him or won.t be able because he doesn’t know how or where to get to my house so he would do something but if nothing works out we can use your solutions.
I think my solutions are good because its true because expelling him can just kick him out of the school and I stop seeing him and putting more cameras can take the risk of me getting hurt because he would know there’s cameras and he is going to think too many cameras to hurt him or embarrass him so he won’t do it so he won’t get suspended or something.
Sincerely, Arne