Physical And Technological Resources

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At Wetherspoons there are many different physical and technological resources. As these vary across the whole company they individually help the company succeed. They are three different types of resources, for one there are human resources who are the staff of the company who will contribute in working for the business to keep everything smooth. Another type of resource is technological resource which is the equipment and machinery that will help run the business. The last one out of the resources is physical resources. These are things like tills, office spares, desk, paper, pens. The difference between the two are is that the pen, paper and desks help with the small things like jotting things down, helping with any notes need to be taken, whilst the technological resources help the company work. For example, the ovens and henny-penny’s help cook the food that the human resources IE; staff, take the food out to the customers. Wetherspoons have many different resources; some are very similar to other franchises. They have tills, these are a must. Tills are an essential part of the bar/restaurant as it enables swift, quick and effective way of making a transaction between the firm and the customer. The check in machine is there for the staff to ‘check in’. The check in machine is essential because this helps the managers on Sunday sort out the pay slips as they will seek the check-in machine to work each staffs number of hours they have worked. This will make the company informative as the pub manager can monitor who’s working at what time. Also the duty manager’s will be able to know if anyone is late or who hasn’t turned up for work on time. With this, they are able to deduct pay from the appropriate people who are consistently late or give them a disciplinary. One of the main points of the machine is to know what staff members are at work if there were to be a fire etc. They will be able to know if anyone is left in the building when they check the machine. In some businesses this is absolutely essential to follow specific commands (health & safety). The food screen is also an important technological resource as this helps the kitchen know what they need to make and if there is any changes to the specific set meal. Also on the screen will be check backs, these are for the floor staff to go to the specific table to see if everything is okay. This helps the company be successful as they are able to deal with any complaints quickly and successfully. Also this will give the customers satisfaction as the staff will be able to sort out their problem quick and effectively. If the staff was not able to give the customers satisfaction, they will find a different pub/restaurant. The staff would take in the food for example to the kitchen and the kitchen staff would amend the food appropriately. Also the floor staff do check backs, to make sure that every food order is up to the customers standards. Finally in the technological resources are the walk-in fridges and freezers. These help the company succeed as the kitchen/floor staff are able to get the right stock quickly and help serve the customer quicker. 

Now on to the physical resources, which have more than the technological resources. Most are similar to the other franchises. They have the stock checker, this helps the company to check if they have gained or losses any stock in the past week, month, year or whenever. This will help the company succeed as they pub manager will be able to let everyone know to either to keep it up or sort it out. By this, I mean that the pub manager will praise his staff saying that they are doing their job or that they need to make amends of their standards to get up to where the pub managers needs them to be. The trollies help push the stock around which makes everything put away and done quicker. Also this will be more efficient as they are able to their job a bit more quicker and then then