Bulimia Essay

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Imagine that you came home from work to find that a person you live with is making themself sick in the bathroom after they have eaten a meal. The evidence is right in front of you that the person you live with is Bulimic. I strongly believe that Bulimia is very serious matter that needs to be addressed. Bulimia is a condition that people can develop from many of things; they make themselves sick after they eat a meal. I am going to tell you how to spot the signs, why people develop Bulimia and what we can do to help.

There are plenty of signs that give it away when someone has Bulimia. A person with Bulimia may be thin, overweight or normal weight. Also Bulimic behavior such as throwing up is often done in private because the person feels shame and disgust. This makes it hard to know someone has Bulimia. But there are heaps are signs to look out for. Someone with Bulimia may use extreme measures to lose weight by using diet pills or using pills to urinate, going to the bathroom all the time after eating (to throw up), exercising a lot even in bad weather or injured or ill. Someone with Bulimia may show signs of throwing up such as swollen cheeks or jaw area, calluses or scrapes on knuckles (if using fingers to help throw up), Teeth that look clear or burst blood vessels in eyes. These are very serious matters and if you think any of your friends or family have any of these signs, confront them and help them get help.

People develop Bulimia from many things. A common one for teens is all the models in magazines that seem to have perfect bodies. The models are so pretty so the teenagers will start making themselves sick so they can be just like the models in their favorite magazine. Traumatic events like rape or stressful things like starting a new job can lead to Bulimia. A person with Bulimia may not like themselves, they may be very moody, have trouble expressing anger, or have trouble controlling impulsive behavior. I think most of the people that are teenagers struggle mainly because of the influence others in their year level at school, there’s bullying that can get very serious and people could start feeling not comfortable with their body. Teenagers can make other people in