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Explain in your own words:

1. What is the difference between clicking on Print under FILE and clicking the [Print] button?
If you click on Print under FILE you can see several options of printing (pages you want to print, number of copies…). However, if you click the [Print] button you don’t have any option and the copy is impressed at the moment.

2. Explain three ways to cut, copy or paste information.
To cut information we can press together CONTROL+ X or click on EDICIÓN and CORTAR. We can also to do it using the cut button from the toolbar or clicking on the Cut option which appears when we do a right click on the mouse.
To copy or paste information we do the same but selecting the copy or paste option.
When we want to use the keys to do that, we have to press CONTROL+ C if we want to copy something, or press CONTROL+V if we want to paste information.
Furthermore, we can do a special paste, which consists on paste information choosing the format of that information pasted. We do this clicking on EDICIÓN and then PEGADO ESPECIAL.

3. What is the difference between creating a bulleted list by using the [Bullets] button and by using FORMAT, Bullets and Numbering from the menu bar?
Using the second option you can see different styles of bullets and numbering and select the one you want. However, the bullet appears directly without any kind of option if we use the button. The style of this bullet is the last one chosen.

4. How do you type a copyright…