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December 11, 2013
Bullies are Victims Too Bullies cry for help is being hidden behind the aggregation they have toward other children. The consequences and effects of bullying for bullies are very hard to deal with they include suffering mentally in the future, commit suicide, and suffering from depression. Children begin to bully because of abuse at home, feelings, and inferiority. Bullying is a series of repeated intentionally mean actions that include the same children in the same bully and victim roles. It differs from harassment and discrimination in that the focus is rarely based on gender, race, or disability. It is most often when the bully finds someone weaker and or in less power. Bullying can occur anywhere including work place, school, homes, playgrounds, and in the military bullying is not limited to children even though they are in higher risk for bullying. Children that are becoming bullies are just children in need. According to Division of Violence Prevention 2011bullying is a major health problem among young children. This article also reports that at least 30% of children reported moderate bullying both as the victim and the bully, yet there are still many who do not report the abuse. A child can become a bully by being exposed to negative actions repeatedly which leads them to lead out all of their anger out on innocent people. Children with aggregation toward others may also lead to be doing very poor in school not because of their level of understanding but because of their own abuse going on. Bullies in the long term can become high risk for low self-esteem and self-worth, depression, antisocial behavior, drug use and abuse, criminal behavior, gang membership, and suicidal ideas.
Children also bully because they are abused at home, to achieve popularity, they are in need of money to fulfill their wishes and desires, they are hungry and they need to eat at drink because they don’t get fed at home, they are coping with a serious family situation, they have learned violence at home, they have displaced anger, they feel powerless and out of control, and they lack self-esteem. Baldry and Farrigton say that all of the adjustments a child goes throw from behavioral, emotional and physical problems are the main cause of a child falling into becoming a bully. Another idea, by James Lehman, MSW is that children turn to bullying others to basically solve their social problems. Key factors in this idea are the way these bullies (children) are bullied at home and when they bully. Children with these aggressive matters bully more when they feel powerless and afraid. Sometimes these bad behaviors of aggression trendies can stay with them throw their whole adult life. Children who are labeled as bullies by other children require more support as adults from government agencies, have more court convictions, more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, have more anti-social personality disorders, and use more mental health services. Children are lonely and they suffer from punishments. A third writer Jeanne and Jeremy state that yes there are many factors to why children bully but they also say that this is there way for asking for help. In their article Frank Peretti that a child bullies because he (or she) “has a deep troubling need of his own”. On the outside this children may look perfectly normal on the outside but they may be lonely or even may be hurting them self just to fill the void or getting away from their pain. They might also just fall into a trap about thinking bullying is just “cool” to be. This is becoming truer because there are some people who reward the bulling. Being made to think they “fit in” is a consequence from adults not giving the kids skills to understand that not everyone is the same and that being different is fine.