Bullies: Bullying and Strong Young Lady Essay

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The Victims
People are cruel and mean; when they do not understand someone that is different they assume it is a bad thing. It makes them a target for cruel and hateful jokes and games. Kids with special needs tend to be the sweetest and the kindest kids but because there understanding of peoples’ intentions is not always clear it is easier to push them around without them standing up for themselves it is a sick, distasteful, foul, and horrible thing to do.
No parents and teacher cannot always control how children act, but they can teach them from the start that bullying is an awful and terrible thing to do. Parents can enforce that it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Teachers need to be very strict with the punishments when it comes to bullying. A “talking to” is NOT enough. Students should be sternly punish to be made an example of so other students know that it will not be tolerated at all. What should not be done is making the victim feel it is there fault. Yes standing up for their self would help but not everyone is able to do that, if a child tells an adult that someone is doing hurtful things to them a adult should NOT make them feel bad about being bullied. An adult should NOT simply make the bully apologize like that fixes everything and then look down for not wanting a half put together bs apologize. An adult should do their job and handle the problem. Adults should step in at the FIRST sign not when it as got to a point were a child is numb to it and believes it is acceptable to be treated that way.
Kebly is a strong young lady who depends on her friends and dream of making a difference in the world to keep her going when hateful, stupid, and judgmental people try to keep her down. She does not want to let the people in her town defeat her by pushing her away. She wants to make a difference. LGBT are youth because people are not good with people or things that are different. Some people feel they can bully or force someone into changing who they are. Most kids that bully or harass LGBT youth do not do it because they truly believe it is wrong. They do it because they here adults say cruel and hateful thing. They see adults do cruel and hateful things. People are fast to say how much of a sin it is but they forget that they cruel and judgmental things they say and do are just as big of a sin. Just like lying, stealing, killing, etc. sin is sin and no has room to judge.
Honestly Ty’s story truly touched me. it brought me to tears and was on my mind all day it truly hurt my heart that what seemed to be such a sweet and kind boy was treated so harsh to the point that he took his own life. For his bestfriend to say that he would get mad and want to fight the people who treated Ty but Ty would tell him that they were not worth it. The fact that they beat him down to the point that he no longer felt he should live at such a women age is sad and heart breaking. Honestly and sadly the individuals do not have as much power. They can make a difference when they all band together but as one I do not see a big difference being made. Ty’s father said that if Ty were the son some important politician’s son that changes would be forced. Laws against bullying would be enforced more and it would all happen in the same week.
Ja’Meya was decision was made out of anger and frustration. She was feed up and had been pushed to the edge. People like to think that words do not hurt like