Bully: Bullying and Community End Bullying Essay

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Individual Reflection: Bullying The public policy that we are using is to educate all the administration of schools on the matter of bullying. Teachers and administrators should be aware of bullying and should make changes by taking classes to show other students on the matter of bullying. The support of administrators helps defend the victim who is getting bullied, because if no one around them is by their side, their next choice is suicide. This policy was never considered as a law on bullying, and will help bring together students and teachers with kindness and care. There are only 46 states with an anti-bullying law.The reason this law hasn't been consoled is because most of the classes are far to expensive and sometimes not accurate. There has been times when teachers see bullying occur and don't do anything, and look away.Teachers should be told to attend classes before becoming a teacher and understand the basics of bullying. Once that's complete they will be able to stop a bully and the victim. There should not only be teachers involved in bullying,counselors, parents and the community should also do something to help end it. Counselors should always be around the campus and well educated on bullying. If every staff is willing to learn more about bullying and help end it, more likely students will have faith not to back down. Also, bus drivers have a major effect on bullying, since about 1/10 of it occurs in the school bus. Bullying can be stopped, but has to have everone involved. The child’s family will be involved to do whatever they can to help stop bullyjng. However, the community it self has to stop bullying even if it's not their child or friend. For us to help end bullying we must take matters into our own hands and have the community receive attention. However, this isn't only about the administrators being educated, it's also about the community being educated to help end bullying easily. At the same time, this is not directed at administration specifically. If all the community is educated on the subject, the problem with bullying will end easily. Parents should also be educated so that they can help their kids