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When I Googled the word bully I immediately found this website called The BULLY Project. This website was influenced by the award-winning film BULLY. It's a social action campaign, created to stimulate a national movement to essentially stop bullying. The whole goal is to change a culture of bullying to a culture of empathy and action. The creators of this social campaign know that there is power in numbers. They would like to reach at least 10 million kids. The website offers resources to educators to help prepare them to lead a discussion that ultimately focuses on empathy and taking action. They have created a kit for educators that includes material that is fashioned to initiate dialogue that is meaningful and honest. On the website you will also find out about the opportunities to receive badges, you can receive your first badge by simply signing up and taking a pledge. To help grow the movement they encourage participants to like their Facebook page and repost tweets. There is also a section where an individual can submit their own personal story and even a video. Overall I found this website to be extremely useful and filled with many resources for educators, parents, and students. They even have resources for special needs children dealing with bullying.
Another great website that I came across was This website I found had more resources that help cyber-bullying victims. There is a section that helps parents and kids prevent cyber-bullying. This part of the website is geared towards helping parents know what to look for when cyber-bullying occurs. Parents can make a lot of progress by simply installing parental control software and monitoring the sites that are visited. The website also stresses that there should be a discussion about online issues regularly. They what parents to encourage their children to report anything that is remotely associated with cyber-bullying and individuals being bullied. Another part of this website I especially liked was how much information they had on reporting cyber-bullying. This section is incredibly helpful and gives easy to follow directions. They include steps that should be taken