Bully In 'Anvil Does In The White Circle'

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Pages: 2

Can you image bullying someone to the point of trying to kill you. This is the same thing Anvil does in the white circle by John Bell Clayton. In the story there are two boys one named Tucker and the other one named Anvil, their problems Elevates eventually Tucker tries to kill anvil. Here is some examples to back that up as if it was Anvil’s fault he bullied tucker first, Anvil doesn’t explain why he stole the apples until the end, He pushed tucker over the edge.

Here is the first reason why I think it’s Anvil’s fault why Tucker tried to kill him because Anvil bullied him first the text evidence is from page 1 He suddenly cocked back his right arm and cracked me on the temple with a half eaten apple my explanation for that evidence is that it shows that as soon as tucker confronted him Anvil chose to bully him instead of reasoning with he bullied.

Here is the second reason why it’s Anvil’s fault that has fate has almost came to him so soon here is why i think that Anvil doesn’t explain why he stole the apples until the end of the story if he had done it sooner it made have kept Tucker from his thought here is the text evidence from page 4 Your old man owns everything in sight and I got nothin my explanation is that he tells Tucker they reason why he stole the