Bully In The Kite Runner

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Khalid Hosseini’s book, The Kite Runner, defines a story of a Muslim boy undergoing the harsh causes of living in Afghanistan. Many critics believe his story is disrespectful towards the Westerners after the 9/11 tragedy. The story was published on May 29, 2003. The date this novel went public across the US, many Westerners found his book controversial due to publishing two years after the 9/11 attack. It was critically inappropriate for Hosseini to publish the book in the US during the Middle Eastern conflict. Furthermore, his story is unsuitable for pre-teens bellow the age of 14 because the story includes such drastic events that can inflict upon the child’s behavior. Many experienced readers find his book to include religious segregation, …show more content…
Due to the difference of decent, they both are treated differently in the story. Amir’s father is a successful businessman, an influential person who is well respected and loved by his neighbors ad countryman. Therefore, Amir is granted a privileged existence among his peers, which helps prevent him from being bullied, by most of his peers. In chapter 5, Assef (a local bully) attacks Amir with verbal bullying. He calls Amir and his father “idiots” for having Pashtuns in their home, and then mocks him for being a Pashtuns friend. Pashtuns are a common target of bullying among the children of Afghanistan. Baba is sometimes treated unfairly be Amir. In chapter eight, Amir bullies Baba by physically “striking him in the chest.” Furthermore, Baba also experiences another traumatic verbal attack by a soldier. The soldier uses verbal abuse towards Baba, making offensive remarks and gestures about his mother. Baba is called Flat-nosed, Kunis (meaning fag), and Babalu (a nickname of his poor father). Amir not only bullies the only friend he truly has, but he bullies Hassan’s father, Ali, as well. In chapter two, Amir makes fun of the way Ali looks, trying to mimic the way Ali