Essay on Bully: Sexual Bullying

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A young boy at the age of fourteen wrote these last words on a social website, “I will never be good enough, goodbye to all, this world will be better without me…” The next day his mother found him in has bed face down and cold. With further research detectives discovered that this high school teen was bullied in school. This student was a part of many clubs and considered popular. His downfalls were his sexuality and depression. A few fellow classmates bullied him day after day. He began to struggle with depression and low self-esteem. This led to a perfectly healthy young boy committing suicide on a Sunday morning. A Facebook status was the last anyone had heard from him. What is bullying? Bullying is described as repeated physical or verbal harm to another. There are six main types of bullying: Physical bullying, Verbal Bullying, Sexual Bullying, Relational Bullying, Reactive Bulling, and Cyber bullying. Physical bullying is using strength and size to overtake a target. Verbal bullying is using hurtful words, cursing or name calling to frighten the victim. Sexual bullying is making fun of a victim’s sexual direction, touching someone in an inappropriate place, making threats or jokes about serious subjects like rape, and making someone to act in a sexual way. This weakens the victim’s self-esteem and reputation, and to humiliate the victim. Relational or social bullying is working to destroy someone’s reputation, and make their friends turn against them. Social bullying is when a bully convinces others to take part in the harassment. This kind of intimidation completely overpowers and outnumbers the target. Cyber bullying is using electronic tools like Facebook, MySpace, texts, IMs, and chat rooms to bully someone. This type of harassment happens in so many different places and in so