Essay about Bullying: Abuse and New Age

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10 May 2013 Bullying Everyone has dealt with bullies in one way or another throughout their lives. In this new age of technology, bullying has taken on a new form, cyber-bullying. The National Crime Prevention Council’s definition of cyber-bullying is “when the internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.” Statistics show that this trend is escalating at an alarming rate. Cyber-bullying is a major problem affecting students and young adults these days. Some of the methods used by cyber-bullies are continuing to email when not wanted, making threats or sexual comments, and using hate speech. Cell phones are another way cyber-bullying occurs, not only with repeated harassing phone calls but also with text messages as well. Cyber-bullies are able to hide their identities and it is easier for them to make threats or hurtful comments electronically when they cannot be seen or heard. These two types of technology can allow the cyber-bullies to maintain some anonymity. Vicious gossip can lead to other people believing the rumors and also disliking the victim. Cyber-bullying can lead to a person moving away to attend a different school or running away from home, just to escape this disturbing threat. Severe depression and even suicide are, unfortunately, very real consequences of cyber-bullying. Victims must be encouraged to tell someone about cyber-bullying. Unfortunately, the victims are afraid to tell anyone because they may be lying. The fear and embarrassment often keeps the victim from reporting cyber-bullying to a parent, teacher or authority figure. Teenagers often know more about computers and cell phones than their parents, making it easier to misuse these devices. More open communication between parents and children can make it easier for a victim to report it. School officials must have the authority to discipline students for cyber-bullying. This can serve to decrease the number of incidents and to allow the victims to feel more comfortable in reporting cyber-bullying to a teacher, counselor, or other school official.