Bullying Act Essay

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Bullying We see kids on a daily basis picking on others, calling names, starting fights, spreading rumors, or even sending threats through text messaging or the internet? This is considered bullying not “playing around”. There has been an increased awareness of bullying, especially in schools, and it’s not that it’s on the rise; it’s that society is finally recognizing how detrimental bullying really has become. Bullying comes in many forms, but no matter what classification it may be bullying affects many individuals negatively and without being condemned it will lead those negative effects to be a part of our future. Defining bullying requires one to set it apart from peer-conflict, and to take into account that bullying comes in many types, effects, and causes. Bullying happens in many types of ways, but three major ways are as follows: verbal, physical, and cyber. Bullying is a constant problem and starts out with annoying comments, such as “where did you get your outfit the second hand store”, or “your stupid no one likes you”, and even having someone spread around things like “she’s easy she’ll sleep with anyone”. Nevertheless “Verbal bullying consist of the following but not limited to, threats, taunting, insults, name calling, teasing about /clothes/looks/possessions, gossiping, starting rumors, giving derogatory nicknames, giving orders, and making threats to secure silence” (All Types). Words may not be physical but when kids already have insecurities about themselves, words can leave deep scars. In fact, there is a saying “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt” this is more or less backwards. Because physical damages sustained actually heal, where-as words damages self-concepts to their identities which may never heal. When someone has physical signs of bullying like cuts, bruises, torn clothes or personal belongings missing this tends to be looked at as over active play or childish games. Consequently, many times this is due to someone being bullied. For example, the bully wants something the victim has such as, lunch money, shoes, iPod or headphones. And the victim refuses to hand it over so the bully starts by pushing, shoving or even hitting until the victim finally gives in. “Physical bullying consist of, but not limited to physical violence, theft, destruction of property, expressing physical superiority, making threatening gestures, defacing property, pushing shoving, taking small items from others, initiating fights, scratching, tripping, assaulting, pinching, biting pushing and hitting” (All Types). Most of the time those who are preforming the bullying act are much stronger physically and mentally, and those who are being bullied are neither strong nor popular. Many times those being physically bullied don’t tell or let it be known because of fear that the physical happening may become a lot worse. Cyber bullying is relatively a new pervasive form of bullying that is rapidly effecting today’s youth. For instance, bullies obtain cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses or even screen-names which allows them to send messages that are insulting, hurtful, and degrading. And with today’s technology they are able to send it to the victim and a number of others to view as well. “Cyber bullying consists of but not limited to, using the internet, a mobile phone or other technology to hurt someone or embarrass them” (All Types). Many children especially teens are victims because most of them have cell phones and internet access. We live in age of Facebook and Twitter, where everything is public and nothing is off limits. This type of bullying is increasing mostly due to the fact that there has a certain amount of anonymity that is involved in working on the internet. Strangers can say anything to one another without fearing any physical confrontation. Not only can insults and threats be posted, but in the cyber world there is the ability to also