Bullying and Amontillado Essay

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Sitting alone in his den Amontillado sips his whine thinking to himself that justice has been served. Wind rustles the curtains of an open window and an oh so quiet whisper sneaks into the house, Amontillado doesn’t hear it but misfortune is about to come knocking. Quietly sitting he continues to sip his wine and he starts to laugh to himself. He’s done it, he’s captured fortunato and he has served justice. The whisper sits in the corner and quietly watches waiting for its time to grow into a roar. Amontillado dances yelling and laughing as if it were a merry day, the most merrily of days. Finally exhausted Amontillado sits down with a small smile on his face. He watches out the window and listens to the wind through the trees. He doses off to sleep with the same smile on his face and the last thought of how merry the day is.
The whispers became more audible during the night stirring into a low conversation, enough to wake a man from his dreams. Amontillado woke with the feeling of uneasiness, feeling as if some one was watching him. The whispers stirred the curtains barely an audible. Amontillado layed back against his pillows and started to drift off to sleep. A small voice made its self-known and had amontillado jumping out of bed. He looked around the room “ Who’s there?”
But there was no one in his room the feeling of uneasiness grew as the voice came again “show yourself!” he yelled stumbling from his bed he looked around bewildered. Nothing but a room empty of life save for Amontillado himself. The whispers came again but they seemed to be coming from the other side of his door. Rushing to it he ripped it open and looked around “ Where are you?” he yelled, “ what do you want rom me?”
The whispers fade away and he starts walking down the hallway tiptoeing and peeking around corners, a voice comes from behind him and he turns around sharply but the hallway is still empty.
“Why is this happening?” Amontillado whispers to himself as panic sets in. “ show yourself!”
In a panic Amontillado runs back to his room and grabs a gun from his cabinet. The whispers come again almost taunting him.
“Come out!” Amontillado yells, “im warning you!” Amontillado starts moving quietly through out the house looking for signs of life waiting for the next telltale whisper or voice to make itself known. The whisper came from right behind him this time, he didn’t wait he turned around and fired the gun but nothing was there. The voice sounded like laughter when it came back a soft snicker in his ear. It started to grow louder and louder, mocking him.
“Stop!” Amontillado roared over the voice “ stop!”
Suddenly the voices were silent, Amontillado let a breath go and sank against the wall with a sign. “ Just a figment of my imagination, a dream.” He said to himself. Then the whispers were back not just one but multiple, dropping the gun he cowered in the corner, “ no! No!” he yelled, “you cant do this!” he scrambled backward looking in every direction for is invisible harasser.
“Stop! Who are you? Why are you doing this?” he implored looking for a way out. He crawled towards the door but a gust of wind knocked him back. Then a thought struck him, is this because of the revenge I took? Is this because I avenged my family name? It can’t be.”
Amontillado scrambled back to the wall where he slunk down as far as he could. The voices grew louder and louder moving from conversation to shouts,…