Bullying and Baz Lurhmann Essay

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Baz Lurhmann Deserves awards for his film Strictly Ballroom

I believe Baz Lurhmann deserves a national and international film award for his work in Strictly Ballroom. He uses a wide range of themes that appeal and connect with the audience as well as his techniques used throughout the film. Strictly Ballroom is about a young man, Scott Hastings who is involved in ballroom dancing. When his partner leaves him for another dancer, Scott and his parents, begin searching for a new dance partner. Little do Scotts parents know, Scott has already found a new partner, Fran, who is willing to dance Scott’s own dance moves. Fran is a beginner and not as pretty as the other girls, but throughout the movie Scott learns that she is beautiful on the inside.

David and Goliath is a biblical story about a small man overcoming a giant who he was bullied by. People can relate to this because bulling is something that happens everywhere and is common; bulling is serious and can majorly affect people’s lives. Bullying comes in many forms and this show in the movie. Stacy Jaclyn of Children Phycology says ´It can lower a person’s self-esteem and lead to feelings of sadness, depression, anger and confusion.´ a happy ending is when the bully gets defeated and Lurhmann made that happen. In this story Barry Fife is the bully, Barry lies to everyone and tricks them to do bad things and makes them think that he’s the god guy. In strictly ballroom Barry is the giant and Scott is the boy. He lies to get what he wants, not thinking about others and how it affects them. In this movie Fran is the ugly duckling.

The Ugly Duckling is a theme that almost everyone can relate to at some time throughout their lives. Beauty is so important in this century and many people try and change themselves to look better, so they get procedures to change themselves in ways like, fake tans, dying hair and fake nails. In this movie that’s what it shows. Alex Kuczynski, a New York Times reporter calls these latest appeals “the new feminism, an activism of aesthetics”. At the start of the movie that’s all that matters, costumes and make up, not looking yourself, that’s why Fran…