Essay Bullying and Bigger Challenges

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Robert Skotzke
Mrs. Rankin
English III 1
29 October 2014

Most people have been in a situation where they have had a disadvantage over an obstacle they are trying to overcome, but was it a bad thing? Disadvantages may be seen as a negative, unfair thing, but really it is a good thing because it makes one stronger than before, and more confident to take on bigger challenges than if everything was always in their favor.
If someone has a disadvantage over an obstacle that they are trying to overcome they will typically work harder to overcome that obstacle then they would regularly would if everything was in their favor, which would raise their confidence level, which would also inspire them to take on bigger challenges. A good real life example of this is with most boxers. To move up in the rankings and get to the spot to challenge for a championship or title, you have to fight the best there is which can be a challenge, you are constantly going to be fighting guys that are bigger, quicker, and stronger than the last guy, but with each win your more confident about the next guy than before.
Overcoming a situation at which you have a disadvantage over a specific obstacle can make you mentally stronger. A personal obstacle I have had to overcome was being bullied as a kid. The disadvantage I faced was that no one did anything to stop it. One thing that helped me overcome this obstacle was moving to Texas because I wasn’t constantly getting bullied anymore which gave me a